High impact YouTube campaigns

World's Second Largest 搜索 Engine


No video advertising campaign is complete without YouTube – the world’s second largest search engine. Vizella YouTube campaigns can be incorporated into virtually any campaign.

Optimize your investment in video

Many brands and businesses invest in high-quality video content. Our YouTube campaigns ensure that your video content is used as widely and as effectively as possible. We enable you to optimize the return on your investment and take advantage of video’s impact and ability to communicate a range of marketing messages.

Tell your story in real-time

Our programmatic video solutions enable brands to tell their story using innovative audience targeting options, 实时地, 在任何时候, anywhere in the world.

As scalable as banner advertising

We offer features such as skippable versus non-skippable, completion rates, viewability, 和更多的. Video advertising has never been so easy or so effective for local marketers.

Leverage a full range of targeting options

Target audiences based on content consumption, 行为, 位置, 搜索数据, IP, demographic targeting, 和更多的 as part of your omnichannel approach to maximize your campaign performance and ROI.

Our programmatic YouTube video services

Programmatic video advertising on YouTube offers all of the features standard banner ads offer, but in a video format.

Identify key characteristics

You can reach your audiences based on content, 行为, 搜索数据, 位置信息, IP, 和更多的.

Innovative targeting options

Programmatic video on YouTube is now as scalable as banner advertising, enabling you to select from innovative targeting options.

Enhance campaign execution

Our Partners can target TV budgets and other video format advertising to capture a larger share of wallet for a great return on ad spend for your local clients.



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