Drive sales with 搜索引擎营销 (SEM)



Paid search is recognized as a critical part of any purchasing decision. It’s often leveraged while consumers research, compare, and ultimately purchase a product or service. SEM is one of the fastest converting forms of digital marketing.

A must-have component of digital marketing

Online search is often the last action a customer takes before making a purchase; therefore, 搜索引擎营销 (SEM) – when a business or organization markets itself using paid advertising on search engine results pages (SERPs) – is a critical component of the most effective digital marketing campaigns.


Marketers bid on keywords that users of services, 比如谷歌和必应, might enter when looking for certain products and/or services


搜索 engine marketing is often leveraged at the point at which consumers are researching and comparing products and services, 寻找零售商.


Campaigns are based on keywords that users are likely to type into a search engine while looking for information on a specific product and/or service.


SEM campaigns can adapt and change based on season, 库存, 目标, 还有更多, allowing for very finely targeted marketing activity.


Our team of digital marketing experts can guide you through every aspect of 搜索引擎营销, enabling our customers to fully leverage SEM in their own proposals.

Integral to purchasing decisions

SEM is a vital element of a huge proportion of purchasing decisions.

Develop stronger client relationships

When you integrate SEM with other digital marketing services such as programmatic advertising, 你会变得更强壮, longer-term relationships and campaigns and growth in your digital marketing service offerings. Studies show that every additional dollar run with 编程式显示 in conjunction with SEM results in 1.5 x ROI.


Google’s average retention rate is 94%, while the average retention rate of end advertisers buying paid search through an AdCellerant channel sales partner is 96%.



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