Reach your ideal target market anywhere, any time, on any device



数字 media continues to fracture, making it increasingly difficult for businesses and advertisers to create campaigns and hit targets. Our display (programmatic) advertising solutions unify this marketplace into a single platform, with a single user interface. This is modern digital marketing made easy.

Target opportunities with programmatic advertising

Vizella’s programmatic advertising enables media companies and/or agencies to reach clients’ ideal target markets wherever they are and on any device. By leveraging real-time bidding in a live auction environment, we deliver the world’s most scalable programmatic audience solutions.


More than 70 different third-party data sources and thousands of ways to segment target audiences.


Typical campaigns marry content targeting, structured data from third-party sources, first-party data from partners, first-party data from advertisers, unstructured data from third-party sources, 和/或地理定位.


Our award-winning operations team and built-in AI guarantee optimal campaign performance from the first impression onwards.

Our programmatic advertising services

When you want to scale genuinely strategic, sophisticated campaigns – across devices and across platforms – our programmatic tools deliver outstanding results.

Manage the landscape of digital advertising

Our partners use programmatic tools to help local marketers save time and money by managing the landscape of digital advertising through a single relationship with AdCellerant.

Turnkey programmatic solutions

Immediately increase your ability to solve client problems and increase revenue through our turn-key programmatic solutions.

Differentiate your solutions

Differentiate your solutions in a highly commoditized market by leveraging the most advanced programmatic options.



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